Efficient access control security

Efficient access control security

Security is on a hi-level only when the access control is efficient. This is precisely one of the most important criteria for everyone, whether we are talking about business buildings and organizations, public institutions, or facilities in the open with a large crowd flow.

COMINFO turnstiles and gates stood out as a solution for physical access control that completely responds to the needs of modern business and the organization of different security levels since they unite high security, advanced technology, and modern design.

The main function of these access control solutions is to prevent unauthorized persons to enter secured rooms or facilities.

Apart from high security, what makes these gates and turnstiles stand out from classic passages is their increased working flexibility mainly reflected in the possibility of integration with existing electronic systems for access control, different RFID media, and so on (fingerprints, biometrics, fire alarms). This lowers the doorkeeper’s or security staff’s load enabling them to focus on their main tasks instead of constantly checking the visitors’ and employees’ identification.

Stylish cominfo sg 1000 turnstile for access control

CominfoEASY GATE SG 1000 / SR 1000 - An elegant turnstile

SpeedGate SG 1000 / SR 1000 represents a combination of high security, flexibility and comfort for the user. Apart from the speed, that’s indisputable, some of the main features of these turnstiles are efficiency and identification reliability, as well as other possibilities for flexibility. SpeedGate turnstiles, also known as turnstile SG 1000 / SR 1000, is one of our best-selling turnstiles, mainly thanks to its value-for-money.

The advanced technology implemented into EasyGate turnstiles makes them a secure and efficient solution for access control.

Cominfo easy gate superb speed turnstiles for elegant interior and access control

CominfoEASY GATE SUPERB - speed and elegance turnstile

EasyGate Superb turnstile combines functional design with high security. The advanced technology implemented in EasyGate turnstiles makes them a secure and efficient solution for access control. The possibility of simple upgrading with optional additions provides these models with high flexibility and covers the security needs of different clients.

On the other hand, a special thin form, the final processing, as well as the color and material diversity enable these turnstiles to fit perfectly into different spaces. You can personalize the upper part of the turnstile with your company’s logo.

Cominfo bar one unipod turnstile for easy access

CominfoBAR ONE UNIPOD - one arm turnstiles

BAR ONE UNIPOD is a unique design concept of a rotating one-arm pole that fills the space between a traditional tripod and the rotating door system.

BAR ONE UNIPOD has an almost quiet rotation, providing a working life without maintenance and exceptional reliability. This security system fulfills the aesthetic requirements for applications that a traditional tripod cannot reach, and at the same time presents an efficient and accessible solution for saving space.

Modern management electronics enable easy adjustment of your operative working regime, with simultaneous communication with different types of identification and signal devices. Combining security and high esthetic form, the BAR ONE UNIPOD turnstile can be equipped with the anti-panic function per user request.

rexon era and rexon era duo turnstiles for access control

CominfoREXON ERA 3 - HI double-rotating turnstile and gate

REXON ERA turnstile is a double-rotating gate with electronic access control. It is characterized by a high-quality steel construction that’s easy to use. All components are protected from corrosion, which, apart from a good quality of final processing, guarantees the longevity and reliability of turnstiles not only in closed spaces but even in open surroundings.

A sophisticated electronic control enables simple adjustment of the working mode for independent turnstile functioning, which makes the Rexon Era model a suitable solution for automated entrances (there is no need for additional staff). The holes for the passage are set at an angle of 120° and enable easy and secure passing of one person.

For efficient identification of the passerby (employee), REXON ERA turnstiles can be connected to devices for reading the bar-code card, magnet card, proxy chip card, smart card, or biometrics sensor.

Cominfo gate era and gate era duo high gate for access control

CominfoGATE ERA - Advanced two-way full-height turnstile

Gate ERA is a two-way full-height turnstile used in indoor and outdoor spaces. It is characterized by high security, easy use and high endurance. Anticorrosive prevention, good-quality and final processing guarantee its long-lasting and undisturbed work even in extreme external conditions.

It is designed to be suitable for the comfortable passing of authorized persons, as well as an easy passage for disabled people. This gate has an electronic control that enables its simple adjustment and a big choice of working modes that you can adjust to your needs.

Gate ERA also enables the use of different types of electronic identification (RFID cards, tags, and so on) and it also includes additional equipment such as card readers, ceiling lights, roof turnstiles, remote control. Another characteristic of the high Gate ERA gate is that, depending on your project’s need, the gate model can be made of different materials.

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Turnstiles application

Turnstiles and gates are applied in a variety of everyday activities – sports facilities, pools, fitness centers, airports, public transportation stations (bus or train stations), concert halls, administration and bank objects, public institution buildings, private companies, etc.

Example from a real-life situation: Cominfo gates and turnstiles successfully solve situations when an unauthorized person tries to enter the building right behind an authorized one. Unauthorized entrances are being blocked thanks to sensor strips in fast turnstiles (EasyGate) or rotating rods in Bar and Rexon turnstiles.


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